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"Celebrating the return of Genesis and their 2021 / 2022 arena tour, The Last Domino? collection gathers together the band’s legendary hits with choice album cuts from across their stunning career. Having sold around 100 million albums to date, this new 4LP set represents the first time a career-encompassing Genesis collection has been made available on vinyl. The Last Domino? comes pressed on heavyweight vinyl housed in a hardback gatefold book-style package with rare and previously unseen images of the band."

LP 1
Side A
01 Turn It on Again (2007 Remaster)
02 Land of Confusion (2007 Remaster)
03 Home by the Sea (2007 Remaster)
04 That's All (2007 Remaster)

Side B
01 Throwing It All Away (2007 Remaster)
02 Follow You Follow Me (2007 Remaster)
03 No Son of Mine (2007 Remaster)
04 Hold on My Heart (2007 Remaster)

LP 2
Side A
01 I Can't Dance (2007 Remaster)
02 Invisible Touch (2007 Remaster)
03 Afterglow (2007 Remaster)
04 Duchess (2007 Remaster)
05 Misunderstanding (2007 Remaster)

Side B
01 Jesus He Knows Me (2007 Remaster)
02 In Too Deep (2007 Remaster)
03 Domino (Pt. 1 & 2) [2007 Remaster]

LP 3
Side A
01 Mama (2007 Remaster)
02 The Carpet Crawlers (2007 Stereo Mix)
03 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (2007 Remaster)

Side B
01 Firth of Fifth (New Stereo Mix)
02 Abacab (Edit)
03 Los Endos (2007 Remaster)

LP 4
Side A
01 Fading Lights (2007 Remaster)
02 The Cinema Show (New Stereo Mix)

Side B
01 Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (New Stereo Mix)
02 The Musical Box (New Stereo Mix)

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